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Welcome to Handcrafted Abalone Jewelry with everything we know about this subject.  Our parents and grandparents were the abalone shell mosaic artisans who created and produced the beautiful flower mosaic inlays of the 1970s and 1980s and we intend to carry on in their tradition.  If you know something about abalone shell or abalone shell jewelry and have a contribution to make that we can share, …that would be great, thanks! we will gladly publish your article.

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We are a village craftswomen who many years ago determined to form a production cooperative.

We are the original Designers and Producers.

As Artisans, we have a very old training, coming from our prior generations.

Our home town of Tecalpulco is where the popular Abalone Jewelry was born.


Mexican Handcrafted Abalone Shell Jewelry

By admin on February 20th, 2010
joyeria artesenal concha abulón

Traditional Handcrafted Abalone Shell Margarita Flower Clip Bracelet

Our parents and our grandparents gave to us an important tradition of handcraft jewelry making,

as a native women artisan group forming a production cooperative. We are the original Designers and Producers and Creators. As Artisans, we have a very old training, coming from our prior generations. Since the 1970’s and 1980’s, the popular Abalone Jewelry was made in our home town. We are proud of every piece that we create and make, and employ precise and exact techniques
of labor intense, quality handcraft in the local cottage industry.  abalone jewelry making goes far far beyond our little village cooperative, it reaches way out in the mountains to tiny ranchos
where the family makes this jewelry.  All this production of the humble people of this area is collected by the local wholesalers on a consignment basis and otherwise it is offered for sale in Taxco’s famous Saturday tianguis market where, due to intense competition among the many poor artisans, the buyers go around comparing in order to get the very lowest price from them.  This disgraceful tianguis is something we really hate.  Our aunts and cousins have gone there to sell at different time and we know how humiliating it is to have to stand there all day with a woven
basket in your hand, the buyers treating you like a servant.

 One reason this cooperativa was
formed was to get OUT of the situation we were in as traditional craftspeople
and to find a way to have our abilities work for us.

artesana campesina

craftswoman making jewelry in shop


Handmade jewelry made with Mother Pearl and Pacific Blue Abalone Shell.

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Handcrafted jewelry by our rural women’s artisans cooperativa

in the jewelry-making tradition of our parents and grandparents.

We are very proud of every piece we make – without exception.



taxco el viejo guerrero mexico artesania tradicional

traditional abalone shell handcraft of Taxco El Viejo

you can find out more if you want to know

about a new economic model jumping OVER the intermediary wholesalers