Tecalpulco Fiesta Trailer

Mexico Nostalgia * Tecalpulco Village Saint’s Day Fiesta, Ritual Chinelo Dancers,

Food vendors, Papa Jesus, and Banda La Rancherita.

Modern rural Mexico – how it really is.

Tecalpulco Fiesta is a documentary film showing a saint’s day celebration in a typical of village fiestas of traditional rural Mexico. The pageant dancers with their tireless hypnotic weaving, the dad buying ice-cream cones for his young daughters, the women making tortillas, the veneration of the saint, the ballads of local guitar and accordion singers… The kids, the pottery and machete vendors, the old men shooting off rocket after home-made rocket… all of this and more is in this video, wsure to put tears in the eyes of a homesick Mexican villager. A classic Mexico Nostalgia Village Video Documentary Movie.

Directed by

Papa Jesus …village saint’s day celebration

A film documentary

Produced by

Maria Alaniz

Production Company

Artcamp IT Studios


Martin Rizzi …camera

Production Notes – Camera

Hanging around the village fiesta all day. At one point falling asleep in the atrium of the church (I was not the only one). All I did was to point the camera at all the interesting things that were going on all around..

Filmmaker Biography

Having lived in Tecalpulco for many years, I love the fiestas and traditional observations.

Tecalpulco’s saint, Padre Jesus, is regarded as being extraordinarily miraculous.

Blind men led by children come from far, on the day of the powerful saint.


Indieflix Feature Film Tecalpulco Fiesta


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