Copalillo Jaripeo Trailer

Documentary video visit to a backwoods Mexican mountain village.

Colorful village bull-riding spectacle * Music by the “Banda Salinas”.

Native hospitality at the house of Nahuatl-language-speaking hammock makers; the women are making the tortillas and weaving the hammocks in their thatch kitchen and garden patio. Then, we are off to the rodeo! It is the big fiesta fiesta in honor of the town’s main saint. The rodeo announcer announcing the young and the veteran bull-riders by name and home town. Everyone takes of his sombrero for the cowboy prayer. The raucous and melodic ballads of the Banda Salinas fill the stadium with exquisite noise, the practiced art of a local family band, with a history going back more than forty years. The musicians alternate between set tunes and musical improvisations to complement the elaborate preparations the rider makes… then the band illustrates with musical phrasing and expression, the wild bull ride itself! Whether the ride results in a “queda” (stay) or in a “porrazo” (fall), it is part of the spectacle of authentic backwoods mexican rural ranch rodeo. The colorful event is adorned by the faces of the public, ordinary country people, out having a good time… This is a real small town country rodeo, a popular event, NOT on any tourists’ itinerary. Families, boy and girl friends, kids running around, and. of course, a lot of drinking is going on. In the early morning of the next day – an encounter with some indian men who have been drinking cane alcohol all night.

Directed by
village fiesta rodeo …documentary film

Produced by
Artesanas Campesinas

Production Company
Artcamp IT Studios

Banda Salinas

Production Notes

Jaripeo is the Spanish-language name for the rodeo fiesta that is popular in modern rural Mexico. These events are attended by large numbers of people whether in tented stadiums in the cities or in the humble corrals in the villages. Featuring bands that swing with plenty of horns and drums and ballad-belting singers.

The young riders come to demonstrate their valor and bravery. The Jaripeo is a powerful influence on Guerrero band music. The jaripeo is a colorful party with a mix of the rural society and many of the traditional and old-fashioned country people. This video, Copalillo Jaripeo, displays the exciting elements and atmosphere of a real back-country Mexico rodeo. Subtitled to the English-language so the viewer can enjoy and appreciate the verbal flights of the rodeo announcer and the extravagant lyrics of the regional songs.

Indieflix Feature Film

Mexico Nostalgia Village Video Documentry Series

running time = 77 minutes

extraordinary graphic depiction of a modern rural Mexico village


Copalillo Rodeo * Copalillo Jaripeo

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