Abalone Hair Barrettes

Our products are of the highest quality and we are proud of them. The metal we use is a certified no-nikel alloy of fine pewter with silver.
This is the pure casting alloy of tin, copper, and antimony.
The brilliant appearing comes from the craftsperson’s art of finishing.

The more our customers know about our products, the more valuable they are, whether our customer re-sells our production, or whether she wears our pieces herself.
For you,we are preparing  a guide and definitions of jewelry terminology and of various types of materials used in making good quality jewelry. When we have enough of it made, we will make an announcement.
fair trade s.o

pacific blue abalone shell (haliotis) handcrafted by native craftswomen

Welcome To ArtCamp (Artesanas Campesinas)

see these exquisite

Blue Abalone Shell Hair Barrettes

and tell us what you think about
our other beautiful abalone shell and mother of pearl hair barrettes!

we are native crafts women, an authentic production group

we learned this tradition of jewelry-making  from our parents and grandparents

our jewelry is world-class and we are proud of every piece we make!

Handcrafted Hair Barrette; Pacific Blue Abalone Shell and Lavendar Mother of Pearl


Artisan Owned Direct Distribution Shopping Cart Screenshot
Artisan Owned Direct Distribution Shopping Cart Screenshot

Authentic Social Project;

Ethical Fair Trade Jewelry by Artisans For Artisans.

Stone Mosaic Jewelry | Abalone Jewelry | Mayan Calendar


Handcrafted jewelry by our rural women’s artisans cooperativa



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