Welcome from Authentic Letters of Mexican Women to Loved Ones in the United States

Hello! you are in the right place
to find out about Stone Mosaic Jewelry
and this revolutionary social project.

You have been reading some authentic letter

from a Mexican woman to her loved one

in the United States.  Or a letter from a child

to his daddy, who has been away from home for years …

These letters are for real.


They are true stories

very personal stories

what women live when

men disappear from their lives.

when they leave on the perilous road
up north over the Rio Bravo
to look for work in the United States.


Thank God our parents and our grandparents gave to us an important tradition of handcraft jewelry-making in the home workshops of our village in Guerrero, México


 Thus we go on defending ourselves and struggling
so that our children have food to eat; now that our
jewelry is so well accepted in the market we have
to hurry and work hard to keep up with production.

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