Review: Mayan Calendar Haab


“The Haab, or “vague” year, is the one most similar to the Christian calendar. With 365 days in its count, it is obviously based on solar observations.
It’s called the “vague” year because, unlike the Christian calendar, it does not include a leap year. The Haab was in use by at least 100 BC
and was created to be used in conjunction with the Tzolk’in.

In point of fact, one cannot find a Haab date that is not recorded with a Tzolk’in date within ancient hieroglyphic texts.
In operation together, the Haab and Tzolk’in create a larger, 52-year cycle called the Calendar Round
that was used not only by the Maya but also by every other culture in Mesoamerica”

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In this article you will be able tolearn about the Mayan Calendar Haab!
the haab is found in the two different calendars, the Aztec and the Mayan calendar.


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