Review: 2012 AD Mayan Calendar Galactic Alignment


-The End of a World Age Established: 2012 AD?

“Over the recent period there has been a massive resurgence of interest in the Maya of Central America, especially their calendar systems that stretch back to ancient times. Indeed, their Long Count calendar in particular has been the subject of intense scrutiny of late, most notably from those researchers linked to the ‘New Age’ movement of the recent era. That there is such extreme interest in this particular Mayan calendar, and at this present time, is due to the following chain of reasoning:”

-2012 AD: The End of the World Written in the Stars?

“In the previous discussion of world-age doctrine, with the works of Berossos and Plato considered including also the Nag Hammadi texts, it was shown that the ancients were of the firm belief that any shift from one world age to the next would occur only on the occasion of certain very precise celestial configurations manifest in the heavens. The planets and the stars would thus determine the very transition points between successive world ages.”


-The Solar System as Located within the Milky Way Galaxy

“To understand just what the noted galactic alignment is, one must first have an awareness of the actual position of the sun – and thus also the solar system as a whole – within the Milky Way, including the galaxy’s basic dimensions, and how the orbit of the earth about the sun is orientated towards the galactic plane”
-Earth Orbit Orientation Respecting the Galactic Equator

“Though not located precisely upon the equator of the galaxy, the solar system is sufficiently close such that in looking towards the centre of the Milky Way, one may perceive a relatively uniform and symmetrical distribution of stars that form the main band of the galaxy:”

-Approaching the 2012 AD Galactic Alignment

 ”As was noted previously, according to scholars of this present age the Maya in all likelihood established the Long Count some time circa 500 BC, with the position also advanced (by some) that as a result of observations carried out during such ancient times, they deliberately set up their calendar to ‘count down’ to a future conjunction of the earth at winter solstice, the sun, and the galactic equator. It would be well then to examine the sky as would have been evident at this time:”


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A great page to search for some information about the Mayas
It includes great images about the Galactic Alignment
non the less you can also purchase a book to know more about these Ancient Word Mysteries!



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