Review: Mayan Astrology (whats it based on?)


-So what is Mayan Astrology based on?


“This astrology is based on the twenty naguals or lords,
and thirteen numbers found in the Tzolkin.
An analogy of naguals would be personality traits
like the twelve zodiac signs of the Greeks/Egyptian Astrology”

-Here’s an example of Mayan
Astrology as it is used today

“Similar to Greek/Egyptian Astrology,
there is a positive and a negative side
to each Mayan Astrology symbol.

It’s up to us to be cognizant of which direction we choose.

Then the person would have to guard against the negative tendencies inherent with the Wind symbol as their sign”

-How is Mayan Astrology different
from the astrology we know today?

“There are more similarities than difference between Mayan Astrology and the Greek/Egyptian version. But, there are a few differences:

  1. The first and most obvious is the time period. The astrology we’re accustomed to is based on twelve zodiac signs or constellations
    that are spread over a 365 day yearly period. But, what some of you may not be aware of is there used to be only ten signs”

-The Twenty Mayan Astrology
nagual or lord symbols


“Both Mayan Astrology and Greek/Egyptian Astrology find their roots in the same premise…the night sky.
I feel the Tzolkin is connected intimately with the natural cycles of the cosmos, and the Great Cycle of the universe.
December 21 2012  is predicted by the Maya as the beginning of the next Great Cycle.
All Great Cycles start with the number “four.” This date just happens to be quite appropriately 4 Ancestors”


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