Bishop de Landa: “Relation of the Things of Yucatan”

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Bishop Diego de Landa

Bishop de Landa wrote the first book by a European about the Maya, Relation of the Things of Yucatan.  In  1562, after he had presided over a great book burning of Maya Quiche literary records.  And after another book burning, in 1691, he published, in 1692, another book titled: The Trials of Votan, accounts of the legendary Mayan folk hero Votan, a descendent of Noah, the heart of the people, the Phoenmician nagegator  who built the subterranean house in the mythic city of Nah Chan, City of the Serpent, as Palenque was originally called by the natives.

bishop diego de landa

Bishop Diego de Landa’s An Account of the Things of Yucatan

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