Alexander Humboldt credited Votan history

humbolt naturalista aventurero

This is a portrait of Alexander Humboldt a leading intellectual figure of the 19th Century

Assertion of a relationship between Votan and Odin is found in the work of the distinguished geographer Alexander von Humboldt, who wrote in Vues des Cordillères (1810):

We have fixed the special attention of our readers upon this Votan, or Wodan, an American who appears in the same family with the Wods or Odins of the Goths and of the people of Celtic origins. Since, according to the learned researches of Sir William Jones, Odin and Buddha are probably the same person, it is curious to see the names of Bondvar, Wodansdag, and Votan designating in India, Scandinavia, and in Mexico the day of a brief period.[5]

ceremonia maya templo yucatan México

temple ceremony in ancient Yucatan Mexico

acuarela watercolor alexander humbolt popocatepetl

watercolor by Alexander Humboldt

alexander humbolt in Mexico

an older Alexander Humbolt pictured in Mexico


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