Ethnic Jewelry Handcrafted made by Artisans Women in México.






Ethnic jewelry handcrafted from local materials
and accordingly to local tradition is some of the most unique jewelry you could ever wear, but where do you get it
and how do you make sure it’s authentic? alpaca abalone jewelry handmade in taxco mexico

If you’re looking for truly unique accessories or clothing you already know how difficult it can be to track something down that is both unique and stylish but not expensive or over the top.


Handcrafted ethnic jewelry is made from the materials the locals use to make their own personal jewelry. This is the way to guarantee that you acquire jewelry that is unique. There’s also an added bonus: you get to help a village artisan community jump start their local economy and spark innovation. If you want truly ethnic jewelry that is authentic and unique, while not very expensive, you should find out about ethical fair trade ethnic handcrafted jewelry. Read More.


Introduction New World Women Artisan Direct Distribution Model Webinar Video







Letters of Mexican Village Women
to Loved Ones in the United States



“Dearest Luis when you called
on the telephone I was so happy to hear your voice and to know that you had passed safely over to the other side of the border. Good luck. God will help you. Your mother is here with me I will take care of her until you return. Work hard, don’t drink, save money, come home to me and our children.”

51 pages of

Authentic letters written
by Mexican village women
to loved ones working as illegal migrant laborers in the USA.

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Beautiful Handcrafted Ethnic Jewelry

The most Beautiful Mexican Traditional Abalone Jewelry.

Mexican Abalone Jewelry is a classic fashion jewelry product created in the villages of Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero, México. This is the jewelry that was SO popular in the nineteen-seventies and nineteen-eightiesl.

.925 Taxco Sterling Silver Jewelry

Traditional Sterling Silver from the World Famous Artisan town of Silversmiths Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero Mexico. The finest quality handcrafted silver jewelry.



Videos Of Guerrero

Videos of Guerrero - Real life in the backcountry of the mountains of Mexico.


Jaripeo is the Spanish-language name for the rodeo fiesta that has become very popular in modern rural Mexico.

These events are attended by large numbers of people whether in tented stadiums in the cities or in the humble corrals in the villages. Featuring bands that swing with plenty of horns and drums and ballad-belting singers. And the daring riders are present. These young men have come to demonstrate their bravery. The Jaripeo is a powerful influence on Guerrero banda music. Learn More.