Indigenous People Gatherings in Canada

New Artisan Economic Model

This is a cooperative effort intended for the substantial economic benefit of indigenous people in Canada and Northamerica

the challenge of economic development is: how an entrepreurial enterprise can be an authentic social program?

…and how it can be successful as income generator….

the native first nations do not exist in any bubble,

as the native people buy their underwear at Wal-Mart like everyone else….

so the key is the perception of a first nation product, marketed into the mainsteam successfully,

there is little loyalty to buy native, yet it is an obvious way in which the bands and the native vendors

can maximize the profit potential available to themselves by establishing and promoting an effective branding.

Maybe there is a residual solidarity in the background, maybe there is a chemistry between the distant cousins.


Gallery of first nation art; from the most ancient artifacts, to contemporary expressions of native aesthetic genius.


WizOz said…


It is interesting that the native Americans were the first to adopt Orthodoxy through the endeavours of St. Herman of Alaska and Innokentii of Irkutsk but also natives like Peter the Aleut.

Some people discovered how close Orthodox theology was with Native American spirituality. “The whole liturgical cycle- how every part of the day in Orthodoxy there’s a service or a ceremony that is designed to help you- it’s the same aspect of Native American Spirituality. Every part of what we do is tied to our spiritual beliefs. Whether it’s getting up in the morning or going to bed at night. And all of our ceremonies are very liturgical. There’s a reason for everything. And we have our own form of incense, which is the burning of sage or cedar”. (From an interview with a convert to “Alaskan” Orthodoxy).

30 MAY, 2014 00:52

Nora said…


Really? WOW! I’ve been trying to put my finger on what it is I find so incredibly whole, full, about Orthodox Christianity but I think I’ve been doing it the wrong way, Wiz — how it’s different from Western Christianity, instead of just taking it as a totally different, new-to-me faith, and on its own terms, not just a comparison. But yes, “Every part of what we do is tied to our spiritual beliefs” — it’s impossible, when you think about, for anything not to be. But for Native Americans everything is tied together — art, for example, is not just something you buy or go to a museum to see, it’s something you see all around you, have in your life, create with everything you do. And that tied-together-ness is in Orthodox Christianity too, I think. I’d just been going about it wrong, thinking about what was absent in Western Christianity, not present in Orthodox.


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"Over dozens of centuries the native people of North America experienced cataclysmic geological events as well as long centuries of communal life as dedicated agriculturists. "

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