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FAQ: how do we find a client base?

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FAQ: how do we find a client base?

FAQ: how do we develop a customer base?

FAQ: How to grow a customer, prospect, contact data base?
we must make certain that our distributor will sell this jewelry
at retail … and in wholesale volumes. So, you need not to wonder
about support; our distributors WILL receive plentiful support!1

 Included in Artisan Direct Distribution Model Distributorship:

 – One hundred and one videos14goodmoneyV2

 and one hundred and one articles –

 of jewelry sales training and tips

 all about  “How To Make Good Money With Jewelry”

 These videos and articles are scripted by experienced  professional jewelry sales persons.

 over time these important media resources will be increasingly directed towards powwows and trading posts.

 the second part of the answer to this valid question is that the clients already come included.
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At Last!
Historic Native People
Effective Economic Collaboration.

We are ready to roll altogether with everything required to enjoy great success!

Included in this package:, the distributor band gets a steady flow of contacts prospects customers.

 those coming in via internet interested in the jewelry, or opportunity, or the new economic model.


 Distributorship Package is available ONLY to legally recognized indigenous people bands in Canada.

Distributorship Package includes your own proprietary Graphically-intense Product Catalog and Shopping Cart

GoToShopping Cart

 Our cooperative helps persons
who want to make good money with jewelry
at the same time be part of an authentic social movement.


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