Indigenous People Gatherings in Canada

cooperative effort intended for the substantial economic benefit of indigenous people in Canada and Northamerica

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cooperative effort intended for the substantial economic benefit of indigenous people in Canada and Northamerica

First of all, this is a well-established artisans cooperative production plant in a realistic cooperative effort intended for the substantial economic benefit of indigenous people in Canada and Northamerica.




This is realistic producer-direct distribution model economics.


It is the modern way in which the bands and the native vendors can tap the profit potential of native jewelry fashion.

Taking advantage of THE residual solidarity in the background, seeking a latent chemistry between the distant cousins.

TheSE Canadian first american nations are afforded an original patent license to generate liquid profit, and ongoingly.

The profit margins are sufficient to permit everyone to make very good money as the retail price is 10 times the cost!

Visitors to pow wows, conferences, and other cultural events are excellent traditional venues for handcrafted jewelry.

The internet has special ways to follow-up in the market with Social Media, Organic Search, and Facebook advertising.

The disloyal competition of dealers is eliminated completely since only authorized bands have access to the product.

This new way of handcraft jewelry distribution is like the old way of doing things before europeans came here.

Just as our people were better off  then without wars and catastrophes, our economic system had worked well!

We return to those days before everyone was motivated only by the money motive to pay what he or she owes.

We return to natural ways of thinking and being, first nation people are having great success with this program.


A REVOLUTIONARY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MODEL The challenge of economic development is: how an entrepreurial enterprise can be an authentic social program? It has to be effective in the real-world … it has to be an instant  income generator.  It has to be self-sustaining and to provide immediate real profits … and it needs to be able to function in times of economic crisis … or any other emergency …

One great strength of this approach is that it  functions well in times of a financial crisis … because a great virtue of physical goods is that they immediately adjust to the value of the currency, no matter how many zeros might have been added on overnight.


It is the direct connection of cottage industry production, plus fashion design and quality art at its real cost

without being multiplied by the commercial intermediaries and the expense associated with such businesses

The native first nations do not exist in any bubble, the native people buy their underwear at Wal-Mart you do

handcrafted jewelry is a  first nation fashion economic resource from then you can market it into mainsteam

Holding forth against the mass.manufactured chinese bling jewelry that everyone already hates!

The preference is for authentic – has to be great value, of course; the value has to be there for real.

Authentic is the watchword. The hour of Northamerican craftspeople has come again!

The artisan direct distribution model does NOT depend on any outside source of energy, or support.




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