The Making of Azucena To The Rodeo – Miracle Ride

Miracle Ride: The Making of Azucena Scenes 18-24

The Making of Azucena Scenes 18-23
(an early movie shoot)

Diciembre 16 , 2006, El Naranjo, Guerrero

Miracle Ride

We left the jaripeo at nearly 2 a.m., the camerographers were great about everything, real professionals; even when it became obvious there was no transport home to Taxco and and they did not get a signal on their celular phone. We were still not talking about how we were likely to be standing there until dawn when of course everyone would like to be home in bed. Miguel and Nayssa were super-professional; not the slightest whimper at my taking them out on the rodeo shoot from hell. At least they were going to smoke a cigarette.
Nayssa won a ceramic pig at the throw-a-dart stand;
there it is, the pig, under her arm!

Being stranded in the middle of the night on a road outside a village.

Every vehicle leaving the jaripeo turns south, towards Iguala.

To his professional credit, cameraman Miguel Olmos,
maintains a stolid posture of equinimity and endurance.

Finally, a vehicle is coming northbound on the highway.
It is the first vehicle we have seen in about half an hour.

As a youth I was a great cross-country hitchhiker,

I instinctively hooked out my good thumb,
and the old white van sort of shimmied and slowed and edged over
on the highway as i moved up on the passenger side as in a dream
then we were inside the van heading home and Nayssa was so happy

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