Synopsis of Azucena Part Two -

Azucena To The Rodeo
Azucena is the story of a Mexican village girl
who fell in love with a macho bull-rider

Love  love  love  love  love  love  love real love passionate love love forever

Film Synopsis

This is a love story from Mexico ‘s back-country.
Azucena is a poor village girl who asks her father
if she can go to the fair with her friend, Magda.

He tells her, “No! You are TOO young to go out!

You stay right here in this house,
taking care of your little brothers and sisters.”

But her father’s friends come and they begin drinking.
So, she can NOT resist her desire to escape to the rodeo.

At a whirling dart-wheel, her life changes forever,
when a good-looking boy comes up to flirt with her.

Filmed in Chaucingo, Guerrero, January 2, 2007 ,
this film displays the modern Mexican Jaripeo (bull-riding
fiesta), celebrating “fried-chile” brass-band music
and documentary realism in the background
of a compelling story of the Mexican village girl,
who falls in love with a daring bull-rider.

Chaucingo is a boondocks cattle town, typical of
the villages where undocumented Mexican workers
in the United States are coming from.)

This original novel expresses the vitality and the creativity
of the culture of today’s back-country México
and features some outrageous bull-riding!

Azucena is a story of flirtation and attraction,
love and romance, passion and reality…

Based on a true story,
Azucena is a realistic account of the ways in which love is understood
and experienced and of the insane dimensions
love sometimes takes… in the heart of a Mexican woman.

An Artcamp Q4 Music Movie Cottage Industry project.

Azucena is produced by, and benefits, Third World artisans.

AZUCENA PART 1 “Azucena, Child”
AZUCENA PART 2 “Azucena To The Rodeo ”
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AZUCENA PART 5 “Azucena and Alegunda ”
AZUCENA PART 6 “Azucena, Abandoned ”
AZUCENA PART 7 “Azucena, Loved ”
AZUCENA PART 8 “Azucena, Insane ”
AZUCENA PART 9 “Azucena, In Jail ”


Creatividad, Empeño, Disciplina, Tradicion
para un nuevo renascimiento de industria y cultura

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