The Making of Azucena To The Rodeo – El Naranjo

Azucena is a Mexican village girl who asks her dad for permission to go to the fair with her friend Magda. He says ” NO ! you are too young to go out; you stay here and take care of your little brothers and sisters.” But her dad’s friends came over, and he began drinking, so she could not resist the desire and escaped that night. At the fair, she was having a good time with her friend, throwing darts at a spinning wheel to win a prize, when a good-looking boy with a cowboy hat came up to them. They chatted with the boy for a few minutes as he invited them to the rodeo to see him ride a wild bull. They tell him “no” but anyway they go to the event, a colorful Mexican fiesta with hundreds of people enjoying themselves among clowns and cowhands, families and kids, dancing couples, pumpkin seed and fried dough vendors, pick-a-card raffles, friends, drunks, cattle-owners, etc. Lucio Moreno and his Dominguera Band are live on the stage performing today’s music of modern rural Mexico. This sound comes from out of the rocky ground of our rustic and wild Guerrero; it is music the people in the backwoods of Mexico love to play and hear. The fiesta is punctuated by exciting bullrides where the brave boys take chances with their lives, in the unique Guerrero bullriding style, of not holding on to the bull, rather, with both hands freely waving. The Dominguera Band musicians improvise, illustrating the tension-filled seconds as the valiant rider makes final preparations to leap on to the back of the beast. As the bull and rider charge out of the chute, the musicians take off – and accompany with their riffs, the wild ride, and its accidents, with their trumpets, trombones, snare-drums, french horns, clarinets, bass drum, maracas, etc. and tuba. After the rodeo, the bullrider takes the young village girl, Azucena, to a dark place and, with kisses and promises, he makes her fall in love with him. With poignant words, he convinces her to go away with him, right then and there, to his village. He is hot and NOT taking any chances on letting her going home to say goodbye to her mother! Filmed live in Chaucingo, Guerrero with local talent. The song lyrics and the rodeo announcer’s sayings are subtitled into English. Dialogs are dubbed into English.


Escena 25 english-language dub script

AZUCENA I like you, but I can’t.
I have my mom and my little brothers and sisters

AZUCENA Come tomorrow Arturo.

AZUCENA Thank you.

AZUCENA I’m afraid.

AZUCENA I remained thinking inside myself:
what can a woman do, against her destiny?


ARTURO your eyes are so beautiful
i cant believe what i am feeling inside

ARTURO you are my only love

ARTURO i love you more than all the world

ARTURO ay little one ¡ you dont know how much i love you ¡

ARTURO come with me my brown one, come, be my woman

ARTURO save yourself from your dad’s beating

What have you got in your house? – a few clothes, leave them!

We won’t see each other ever, and I don’t what that to happen.

Dont say anything – don’t say No and come with me, and be my woman

ARTURO Your eyes are so beautiful
i cant believe what i feel inside me”

ARTURO the first time i saw you you enchanted me

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


Azucena, the Movie. Part Two. Azucena To The Rodeo.
Azucena To The Rodeo – English Language Version – TRAILER


Escena 24 Azucena english language

I was at the fair with my friend Magda
How was I to know that my life
was about to change forever ?

ARTURO Do you like the rodeo?


ARTURO Does your mom let you out of the house often?

MAGDA Nos escapamos

AZUCENA We escaped

ARTURO I am going to ride in the Bull Ring;

do you want to come around later, cuties?

MAGDA “¿Doesnt the bull make you afraid?”

ARTURO its just a bull girls
ARTURO i commend myself to The Virgin


Azucena, the Movie. Part Two. Azucena To The Rodeo.
Azucena To The Rodeo – English Language Version – TRAILER


Synopsis of Azucena Part Two -
Azucena To The Rodeo

Azucena is the story of a Mexican village girl
who fell in love with a macho bull-rider


Film Synopsis

This is a love story from Mexico ‘s back-country.
Azucena is a poor village girl who asks her father
if she can go to the fair with her friend, Magda.

He tells her, “No! You are TOO young to go out!

You stay right here in this house,
taking care of your little brothers and sisters.”

But her father’s friends come and they begin drinking.
So, she can NOT resist her desire to escape to the rodeo.

At a whirling dart-wheel, her life changes forever,
when a good-looking boy comes up to flirt with her.

Filmed in Chaucingo, Guerrero, January 2, 2007 ,
this film displays the modern Mexican Jaripeo (bull-riding
fiesta), celebrating “fried-chile” brass-band music
and documentary realism in the background
of a compelling story of the Mexican village girl,
who falls in love with a daring bull-rider.

Chaucingo is a boondocks cattle town, typical of
the villages where undocumented Mexican workers
in the United States are coming from.)

This original novel expresses the vitality and the creativity of the culture of today’s back-country México
and features some outrageous bull-riding!

Azucena is a story of flirtation and attraction,
love and romance, passion and reality…

Based on a true story,
Azucena is a realistic account of the ways in which love
is understood and experienced and of the insane dimensions
love sometimes takes,… in the heart of a Mexican woman.

An Artcamp Q4 Music Movie Cottage Industry project.

Azucena is produced by, and benefits, Third World artisans.


AZUCENA PART 1 “Azucena, Child”
AZUCENA PART 2 “Azucena To The Rodeo ”
AZUCENA PART 3 “Azucena, In Love ”
AZUCENA PART 4 “Azucena, Tormented ”
AZUCENA PART 5 “Azucena and Alegunda ”
AZUCENA PART 6 “Azucena, Abandoned ”
AZUCENA PART 7 “Azucena, Loved ”
AZUCENA PART 8 “Azucena, Insane ”
AZUCENA PART 9 “Azucena, In Jail

Creatividad, Empeño, Disciplina, Tradicion
para un nuevo renascimiento de industria y cultura

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