Love, limitless love; Amor, amor sin limite

“Azucena”, Amor sin limite
by Artesanas Campesinas
on Monday 18 of October, 2004 19:25:35

To: Leocadia
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 02:30:56 +0800
Subject: Re: Azucena

“Azucena”, Amor sin limite, Amor sin temor,
Amor sin verguenza Amor eterno.
La historia que todos tenemos en comun
tocando nuestros corazones, deseos, y suenos de amor.

Azucena y su historia, clarificara que con amor innocente,
todo es posible y despues de todo, todo que hay, es amor.

“Azucena” Love without limit,
love without fear,
love without shame Eternal love.
The story we all have in common touching our hearts,
desires and dreams of love.

Azucena and her story, brings to light
that with innocent love, all is possible
and after all, all there is, is love.

Azucena is love and what that love is capable of sustaining for love.
Filled with Hope, vision, and love, Azucena takes the reader
on a journey of the heart and to where ever that may lead.
Her story is a true story as it is experienced everyday
in other villages in Mexico and around the world.
Azucena is real and the story universal.

Azucena es amor y lo que amor es capaz de sustener por amor.
Lleno de esperanza, vision y amor, Azucena se lleva al lector
por un viaje del corazon y hasta donde llegara.
Su historia es una historia verdadera
como esta realizado cada dia en otros pueblos en Mexico
y alrededor del mundo.
Azucena es real y la historia universal.

Written in spanish and english
it offers the best of both worlds to the readers
as an informative truth or an aid
for the futherance of language studies.

Escrito en español y ingles se ofrece
lo mejor de ambos mundos al lector
como una verdad informativa
o una ayuda por el seguimiento
de los estudios de idiomas.

Azucena’s story bridges the gap/fills the void/space that exists
between those of us on our own road of love, hope and desire.

La historia de Azucena llena el espacio que existe
entre los de nosotros en nuestros propios
caminos de amor, esperanza y deseo.


Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper

Computer Smart A.C.
(Technology, Trade & Translation Center)
145-B Avenida Flamingos
Fracc las playas, Acapulco
Guerrero, Mexico C.P. 39390
Unefon 44(744)127-039

You are invited to experience Azucena Scene-a-Day Novel. Enter here.

Azucena is not only a Mexico love novel, it is a Mexico romantic novel
and it is also a documentary of modern rural Mexico
and it is also a language-learning exercise.



take_action2You are invited to experience Azucena Scene-a-Day Novel. Enter here.

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