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Azucena is the story of the village girl who falls in love with a bull rider.
Zenaida, the story of the village girl who goes to the United States to work
Marisol is a musical comedy about a village girl who loves to dance and sing

The Romantic E-Novels of Artcamp
Las novelas romanticas de Artcamp se originan en cursos de aprendizaje
del idioma involucrando ejercicios con traducciones y ensayos literarios.
The romantic novels of Artcamp originate in language training
courses involving translations and creative writing exercises.
Estas son historias verdaderas, transformadas por el arte,
en las cuales cada mujer se forma siguiendo los sentimientos de su corazon.
These are true stories, transformed by art, of the ways in which
every woman’s destiny is formed by the movements of her heart.
Azucena es la Mexicana que siguio a su corazon
en el camino a su destino donde quiera que este la lleve.
Azucena is the Mexican woman who followed her heart
on the road to her destiny wherever that way leads


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