Ethnic Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry

alpaca abalone jewelry handmade in taxco mexico

Classic alpaca abalone jewelry made
in the villages near Taxco Mexico

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Ethnic Jewelry Handcrafted

Ethnic jewelry handcrafted from local materials
and accordingly to local tradition is some of the most unique jewelry you could ever wear, but where do you get it
and how do you make sure it’s authentic?

If you’re looking for truly unique accessories or clothing you already know how difficult it can be to track something down that is both unique and stylish but not expensive or over the top.

Luckily going the route of unique ethnic jewelry handcrafted from the same materials as the locals use to make their own personal jewelry is one of the best ways to guarantee you acquire ajewelry that is unique. There’s also a huge added bonus: you get to help a developing country or community jump start their local economy and spark innovation. If you want truly ethnic jewelry that is authentic and unique while not too expensive,
you should seriously consider having a fair trade fundraiser.

What exactly is fair trade and how does it work? The idea is extremely simple and it has huge implications. Simply put a fair trade organization ensures that locals who make goods can sell them to people all over the world without being exploited by big businesses that will pay them slave wages or force them into
over-working. This means ethically run businesses are sustained and these communities can grow to better themselves and their fellow people. There are certified fair trade organizations that act to help to regulate the transactions but you don’t necessarily have to go through a certified business. For example many of these vendors in small communities are right online and you can actually purchase directly from them or from their authorised distributors.

This is probably the best way to make your purchase of ethnic jewelry handcrafted in a developing community. You can pick the jewelry you want right online, make your purchase right online
and the money goes straight to the community and business owner who of course employs others and spends money within the community. Purchasing what you’d like online helps to avoid any chance that the money you’re spending doesn’t go into the wrong hands and actually winds up with the people who most deserve it.
Finding ethnic jewelry that is made of high quality materials and also benefits a tremendous cause is the best value in the world. Knowing that you’re helping a small business owner and the local community is something you can take away that adds to the value and beauty of any piece of jewelry or clothing you purchase.
Give pieces away as gifts and even purchase other items you may need like utensils or clothing, a simple purchase goes a long way in fair trade fundraising for your club, team, group, or school.